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If You Ever Wanted To Become A Personal Trainer, but weren't sure if you should or not... then
Come on... admit it. This isn't the first time you've thought about becoming a personal trainer is it? 
At least once, you've thought about becoming a personal trainer ...wondering if you should buy your personal trainer certification or not... only to decide at the last moment not to... because you weren't sure if it was worth it...

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wondered if getting your personal trainer certification was worth the money (like I have)... then this will be the most important, short messages you'll ever read.

Hi, this is Evan with the AFI.

I know you don't like thinking about parting with your hard won cash to buy your PT Cert... 

Especially if you haven't ever used one to make money, like you can and should. 

Even though you probably know it already, only one PT client can easily pay for your whole certification course... 

And the wall-hanging recognition of getting certified... is worth the low cost of buying a cert too.

Then there's the bonuses – like the FREE CPR Course only AFI gives you when you sign up...

Not to mention the extra bonuses you get when signing up.

All together a PT cert is worth a whole lot of money.  

The ability to help people and sense of accomplishment has value too – is priceless.  

We make easy for you. 

Its because I've been in your (running) shoes before... . 

I've made getting certified dead simple for you.

New stuff

Some stuffs changed since you first considered getting certified (and didn't). 

And it's made it even easier for you to get and stay certified now... 

Free Flashcards. 

Believe it or not, this is the biggest short-cut for trainers getting their certifications faster.... our flashcards are accessible online 24/7 from anywhere. 

You can go through them right before you 'test out'...

No need to go through the whole course if you don't want to –– the flashcards are all you need. 

It's simple. 

Practice Test – to see where you need to focus, then only focus on what you think you to study on with the flash cards. 

Easy right?

So if you were holding back from getting certified because you thought it was going to take up a lot of your time –– it wont. 

It's cheap.

And it's not expensive either –– the regular price of our certification course is $349, which is still a great deal, however right now it's $202 OFF for a limited time... 

That means you only pay $147 for your valid for 2 full years, personal trainer certification. 

Now when you break the cost down... your personal trainer certification only cost 27¢ a day.

And it's good for 2 years...

ONLY 27¢ a day!

But that price is only right now and for a limited time...


You get some amazing value added bonuses when you sign up today, including all the Forms For Personal Trainers – these are all the legal forms personal trainer will ever need (a $499 value)... 

That's a low estimate, an hour of a lawyers time is $499 on average, so you'd be lucky to get 1 form.

Your getting 20 pages of forms and documents you can use in your training business with this bonus.

If you were going to hire a lawyer to write these contracts for you, it would be 10 hours easy and cost you a fortune. 

We digitized your textbook (a $49 value) and you can download it to any device, your computer, phone or tablet and access your e-textbook anywhere... 

Online Flashcards – Trainers L-O-V-E these flashcards, they make the course a breeze (maybe too easy)... 

Bonus # 1- Forms For Personal Trainers

Here are ALL the Training & Legal docs you'll need to once you get certified as a personal trainers!

Bonus #2 - eTextbook For Personal Trainers

It's a 164 page PDF file filled with exercises and with a daily reading goal (5 - 10 pages a day) you'll can finish in 2 to 4 weeks so you can get certified fast... 

Bonus #3 - The Smart Way To Sell Personal Training

This is a step by step blueprint that makes it easy to sell personal training without being sleazy. Get ready to make money and help people get fit. 

Bonus #4 - Online Personal Trainer Course Flash Cards

Our other trainers L-O-V-E these online flash cards & you will too. They've really cut trainer's study time in 1/2. And you'll feel more confident on test day! 
All together, you're getting the $349 personal trainer certification course, the $49 eTextbook, over 20 pages of Legal Form & Documents for trainers ($499 value) & flashcards... a total value of $897... 

And all it's only going to cost you is $147 for the entire course... 

The only catch is you've got to grab the deal before the sale ends. 

Are you going to let a measly 27¢ a day stand between you and being a certified personal trainer?

I hope not. 

I did a quick search online to see what you could buy for 27¢ a day, and there wasn't much...

The coolest thing I could find were these 9 of these emoji stickers – each one is 3¢ each... 

I found them on a website called CarnivalSavers (9 stickers x 3¢ = 27¢)... 

So you could have 9 emoji stickers OR you could make the smart choice and decide to become a personal trainer. 

You can see a picture of the stickers below 
They're pretty cool sticker... 

I get it – it's a tough choice. 

Do you get the stickers or do you become a trainer, change lives and live your dreams?

Hmm... what to do?

Of course, you could be a trainer –– make lots of moolah –– and buy as many of the stickers as you like.

(And when your a trainer –– you can afford to buy all the stickers you like by the roll). 

I almost forgot, I saved the best bonus for last... 

Personal trainers must have a CPR AED Certification, they cost $75 and take up an entire day... sometimes you miss a day of work too.

So I've included the online Rescuer CPR Course course ($75 Value) as another bonus... 

Bonus #5 - Online Rescuer CPR AED Course ($75 Value)

Your FREE Bonus Rescuer CPR AED Study Guide (a $75 Value) will help you navigate the course and meet every trainer's requirement of CPR AED.
Here's the link to the checkout page to become a trainer. 

Don't overthink it...

Take the plunge. 

DO it. 

With the Certified Course that makes you a Certified Personal Trainer, the CPR AED course, the eTextbook, the forms and the flashcards... the total value of this offer is $972... 

But you're not paying a fraction of that... 

It's 27¢ a day for the next two years – paid in one shot.

What happens if you don't sign up right now and do nothing instead?

Well, the answer is nothing. 

You're life is gonna stay the same. 

You'll keep making less than you're worth. 

You're gonna have no time (or not as much as you would like) for your family and friends. 

You're gonna continue to wonder if this is all your life is going to be. 

And maybe you're gonna come back in 6 months and possibly by that point, we'll have raised our prices and be much more expensive. 

So, I'm gonna suggest you signup right now... We are here to assist you in achieving your goals... and we are really good at what we do. 

Make the smart choice and signup now. 

I'm rooting for ya!


Don't drag your feet or stare at the page this time -- take out your credit card... (remember it's only 27¢ ) enter your information and grab this deal while you can

It's worth it –– and much more.  

P.P.S Then after you make your payment –– take a deep breath, and a sigh of relief –– we'll take you to the next page and set up your account. And after your account is all set up I'll send you an email your login information.  

Thanks –– I hope you make the smart choice... I know they're sweet stickers –– of course you can always buy a whole roll with the extra $$$ you make as a trainer.

5,500 Bought         Discount 58% OFF
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